Today’s Holiday: Kent State Memorial Day

Today’s Holiday:
Kent State Memorial Day

When students at Kent State University in Ohio decided to hold a rally to protest the incursion of U.S. military forces into Cambodia during the Vietnam War, the Ohio National Guard started firing indiscriminately at the crowd. Four Kent State students were killed and nine were wounded; the eight guardsmen involved in the tragic incident were never tried. A candlelight vigil takes place at the Kent State campus every year on May 4, the anniversary of the 1970 shootings. It begins at midnight on May 3 and lasts for the next 12 hours. More…:

2 responses to “Today’s Holiday: Kent State Memorial Day

  1. I was almost 14 when this happened, I remember it well. I am going to reblog this for you Sir maybe it will help enlighten some of the younger folks who didn’t know about this government crime.

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    • Thanks, I’m glad you have risen in you such memories!
      I’m looking forward to read your post, write it soon, write it quick, write it!😘♥️🌷


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