Australia places Syria group on terrorist list

Finally somebody things straight!

Craig Hill

Al-Nusra FrontThe Al-Nusrah Front was little known before the Syria uprising but has since become a major part of the insurgency.

The Australian government has placed a prominent Sunni Islamist group fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria on its terrorist blacklist.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced Australia will list the Al-Nusrah Front as a terrorist organisation to try to starve the group of funding and support.

Unknown before the uprising, the Al-Nusrah Front since mid-2012 has become the spearhead of the insurgency ahead of the mainstream rebel Free Syrian Army.

The Islamist jihadist faction has since captured key army bases and is believed to have set up a religious council to administer affairs in rebel-controlled areas in eastern Syria.

Senator Carr said with 5000 fighters in Syria, the Al-Nusrah Front had a history of suicide attacks and bombings.

“I’m advised Al-Nusrah is active against the Syrian military…

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