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Songs You Should Hear: Sting – Fragile

Beautiful music!

Pope John Paul II: Science and religion


Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay (Official Video)

Watch the official video for (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding. The video features video clips and photos of Otis Redding in the prime of his musical career. It was released posthumously on Stax Records‘ Volt label becoming the first posthumous single to top the charts in the US.


Sweet Thursday (Cannery Row Theme for “Doc”)

This original song was written by band member Patrick Michael Karnahan of the Black Irish Band. the lead vocal is from bandmate James Nelson.

The song is a tribute to the late Ed “Doc” Ricketts, who was made famous in the John Steinbeck books “Cannery Row” and “Sweet Thursday. Doc is featured as the main character in both books. The endings however are quite different for Doc. Cannery row ends on a sad note where Sweet Thursday is happy and Doc falls in love.

Patrick wrote the words based on a dream, or vision that Doc has in the first book. A woman of great beauty that he sees in the tidepool. In the story we never know who she might be, maybe a past love. The songwriter takes that vision and it becomes a daydream for Doc. the daydream is the storyline in the 2nd book Sweet Thursday.

Doc however at the end of the story song wakes up to find out that his love was only a dream from Cannery Row!

The song is on the bands 19th Cd album release California Story which features lead vocals by Michael Martin Murphey. Bands web-site at http://www.blackirish.com


Los Angeles in the 1950’s and 60’s

Vintage LA

Proposed Law In Texas – Vaccination Without Parental Consent

Education, without parental consent, sounds even better!

Golden Rice – A Golden Opportunity or “Golden Lies”?

Another way to make golden rise, all natural, is by adding a pinch (little pinch, too) of turmeric, to your rice, This will, in addition, brig about a delicious flavor, and….Character to the food!

Carpathian wildlife – European bison (Bison bonasus)

This video footage comes from Vanatori Neamt Natural Park situated in the eastern part of Romanian Carpathians. There is a 180 ha acclimatization enclosure with about 30 animals. The Administration of the park implements an ambitious programme for restoration of this species to the wild. In December 2004 five European bisons were introduced to the wild in the easternmost part of Slovakia called Bukovské Vrchy (Beech hills), where the second part of this memorable video footage was recorded.


Roofs Of Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Heidelberg!


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Iraq war based on lies

Especially these despicable individuals lies!

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA about the Iraq war is called WMD LIES – Bush Cheney Rumsfeld – THE ULTIMATE CLIP.

By Will Stone in Britain:

Iraq: Decade of war ‘based on lies

Monday 18 March 2013

Vital intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq 10 years ago was based on “fabrication” and “wishful thinking,” a new documentary broadcast tonight claims.

A BBC Panorama documentary broadcast to mark the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war suggests British and US security services relied on several pieces of questionable information.

The programme goes on to reveal that at the same time they dismissed other information that was contradictory.

Lasting over six years the Iraq war claimed the lives of 179 British personnel, up to a million Iraqis and cost more than £9 billion.

Britain ended combat operations in 2009 but a decade on

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European Union anti-Romanian, anti-Bulgarian xenophobia

Ubi patria, ubi bene!

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This video from Ireland says about itself:

Belfast: Romanians Flee Homes After Racist Attacks

More than 100 Romanians, including a five-day-old baby, have been forced from their homes in Belfast by racist attacks.

Sky’s Mark White reports.

By Julie Hyland in Britain:

Europe’s rulers whip up anti-immigrant chauvinism

18 March 2013

Membership of the European Union is supposed to confer on a country’s citizens the right to free movement and freedom from discrimination on the grounds of nationality.

The populations of Bulgaria and Romania have been targeted by the major European powers for the removal of these rights.

The EU has agreed to postpone a decision on Bulgarian and Romanian membership of the visa-free Schengen zone. Both countries are members of the EU and, according to the European Commission, have fulfilled their obligations under the treaty. After two years of postponement, their citizens were finally to be eligible to…

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Grocery shopping after a heart attack

Hear, Hear! A good idea, even before having a heart attack!

Rehabilitate Your Heart

Does this seem like a strange title? Well if you or a loved one has experienced a heart attack once back home the undertaking of grocery shopping can go from a one hour task to a two or three-hour task. This is common complaint heard in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Why? The task of determining which foods are to be avoided and what to replace them with takes a great deal of time. Reading the labels for fat and sodium content, determining  vitamin K sources,  or if the food contains grapefruit or others that could interact with medicines takes time. 

Shop the perimeter

Discharge instructions include following a heart healthy diet. For most that means eliminating much of the processed and  pre-packaged foods from the diet, as they are too high in saturated or trans fats, or too high in sodium. The best way to speed this process up is to try…

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Of Flowers and Bees_Digital Oil Painting (My Photo Collection)

Of Flowers and Bees_Digital Oil Painting

Of Flowers and Bees_Digital Oil Painting (Effect with Fast Stone Photo Editor_an open source software)

(Find Fast Stone here)

Of Flowers and Bees (My Photo Collection)

Of Flowers and Bees (My Photo Collection)

Of Flowers and Bees (My Photo Collection)

Quotation: Samuel Taylor Coleridge on Sympathy and Love

Sympathy constitutes friendship; but in love there is a sort of antipathy, or opposing passion. Each strives to be the other, and both together make up one whole.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: EDGAR CAYCE (1877) a American folk healer and psychic

Edgar Cayce (1877)

Cayce was an American folk healer and purported “psychic diagnostician” who popularized the idea of reincarnation. He received little formal education before setting off to wander the US, performing thousands of “life readings” and spreading his ideas as he went. He eventually settled in Virginia and set up a hospital to treat people with the aid of psychic messages he claimed to receive. He also prophesized, claimed to recall past lives, and wrote extensively about what legendary civilization? More…Discuss


Landmark US Supreme Court Decision Guarantees Right to Counsel (1963)

After he was accused of breaking into a bar in Florida in 1961, Clarence Gideon was unable to afford a lawyer and was forced to defend himself. Sentenced to five years in prison, he had ample time to study the law, and he began petitioning the courts with the claim that his right to legal counsel had been violated. In 1963, the US Supreme Court agreed with him, establishing that state courts were required to provide attorneys for poor defendants. What happened when Gideon was retried?More… Discuss


“Functional Cure” for HIV Reported

Last week, US doctors reported the first case of an infant being cured of HIV, and now French researchers have announced that a “functional cure” may be in reach for some adult patients as well. The key, they believe, is early intervention. They have been following the cases of 14 HIV patients who began treatment within 10 weeks of infection, took antiretroviral drugs for an average of three years, and then discontinued treatment. While they still have HIV cells in their systems, their infections have thus far remained controlled, some for as long as 10 years, without further treatment.More… Discuss


Outer Space

Outer space is the emptiness that exists beyond and between celestial bodies such as stars and planets, including Earth. Though outer space is the closest thing in existence to a perfect vacuum, it is not entirely empty, containing a few hydrogen atoms per cubic meter. Space is also full of radiation, magnetic fields, and—theoretically—dark matter. It is extremely cold. Contrary to popular belief, an unprotected human would neither instantly explode nor freeze in space. What would happen? More… Discuss