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Evolution of Dance – By Judson Laipply: Viral X3 211,009,063 – (Uploaded on Apr 6, 2006)

The Mean Kitty Song WARNING: WENT VIRAL! (73,449,439 Uploaded September 5, 2007


I got this little kitty about 2 months back
he was the nicest little kitty, now a pain in my crack
This little kitty is a ninja, always stalking my feet
This little kitty is a warrior you know what I mean

he’s an evil little kitty look what he did to my hand
tries to get in trouble in any way that he can
I could give this cat a toy, but he’d rather have the wrapper
and I will always give him water, but he still drinks from the crapper

You could lock him in a closet and he just won’t care
kitty chews on my shoes and he licks my hair
always scratching on my favorite chair and jumping on the couch
playing in the window sills and tearing through the house

He’s so full of energy and easily amused
kitty will attack anything that moves
Causing trouble, starting battles just so he could be a little part of
he’s a meanest little kitty so we named him sparta

Hey little sparta what is with all the fight 
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
little bitty kitty wanna bite

Where’d you go
are you stalking me?
are you under the couch, quite possibly
ears laid back so you don’t get caught
ready to pounce my leg with everything that you got

I know you’re probably watching me from across the room
concentrating contemplating on attacking me soon
You’re not invisible kitty, I’m gonna find you first
Come out come out before I make things worse

I’ve seen where you hide and I know where you’ve been
Hey kitty why don’t you give in 
Even if you try to sneak up on me, I’m prepared
Cause I’ve got my safety gear on and I’m not scared

I think I hear a kitty cat under the bed
I know your making noises just to mess with my head
You can stalk me all you want, but I’m not your pray
cause you always seem to find me first, but not today

Hey little sparta what is with all the fight 
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
Come on out, I’m gonna get you now

I’ve got ’em cornered
and now he’s mine
He’s not gonna get away this time
I’ll snatch him up fast before he can blink and then…
Aw man! He’s asleep in the sink

What is with this cat? I’m confused
He’s got a bed, but it’s never been used
In every waking moment, kitty’s out for the fight
then [fart] next minute kitty’s out like a light

How could I let this creature live inside of my home
I gotta keep an eye on him when I’m on the phone
I’m a little afraid to leave this cat all alone
this kitty may destroy everything that I own

Look at him now, I kinda feel bad
He’s the best little cat that I’ve had
and the one big thing I forgot to mention, was that
He wasn’t fighting, he just wanted attention

Hey little sparta what is with all the fight 
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite
Hey little sparta what is with all the fight
showing love, that’s all this kitty does

What goes viral on You Tube: Charlie bit my finger – again ! (515,698,731 uploaded May 22, 2007)

Nigel Farage: Eurozone completely incompatible with nation-state democracy

Support: http://www.ukip.org/donations | http://www.ukipmeps.org |http://twitter.com/Nigel_Farage
European Parliament, Strasbourg, 13 March 2013

• Speaker: Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Co-President of the ‘Europe of Freedom and Democracy‘ (EFD) Group in the European Parliament –http://nigelfaragemep.co.uk

• Debate: Preparations for the European Council meeting (14-15 March 2013)
Council and Commission statements
With a resolution on the European Council conclusions of 7-8 February concerning the Multiannual Financial Framework


Well, the air is thick with denial in this chamber this morning.

There has been a major political event since we last met and no one has mentioned it. Italy had an election. And 55% of the electorate voted for Eurosceptic political parties, indeed Mr Grillo’s movement managed to get 26%. It is quite tough in European politics these days to tell who the comedians are.

And what is absolutely clear is that Eurozone membership is completely incompatible with nation-state democracy. You can do what you like to take away the powers of national parliaments but people will go on voting, and there is a trend developing right across Europe; the Eurosceptic parties are going to get stronger and stronger. 

And there is complete denial about the Eurozone crisis. You’d think listening to everyone this morning that it’s over. You know, Mr Barroso comes out with a technocratic speech that everything is fine and dandy. Mind you, far better than the unutterable drivel we had from [Economics and euro commissioner] Olli Rehn yesterday which sent many members to sleep.

You are not facing up to the consequences for what you’ve done. Mr Verhofstadt talks about a lost generation in Spain, Mr Daul talks about youngsters struggling to be fed by their families in Greece.

And all of that is true, but it’s being caused by the Euro. And that is what you are failing to recognise. 

The Eurozone has been a complete economic disaster. [Verhofstadt starts shouting]

And the other thing you are not going to face up to… [Chairman asks Verfohstadt to control himself]

The real problem that you won’t face up to though is the state of the French economy and the fact that France is now diverging by the month with Germany.

So right at the very heart of the European project and the Eurozone project there is a disaster coming down the tracks. I am afraid in the end, the whole thing is going to break up.

But I would also point out, you’re in denial over Romania and Bulgaria. Those two countries are racked with corruption and organised crime. They should never have been allowed to join the European Union.

I want to make it absolutely clear, we in UKIP do not believe it’s right and fair to have total open borders from next year for unlimited numbers of people from those countries to come to Britain, to work, but also, if they want, to claim benefits.

And as the results in the recent Eastleigh by-election showed the British electorate are increasingly saying ‘enough is enough’.

It’s not just us, the major of Duisburg in Germany has now publicly said that the massive influx from Romania and Bulgaria is causing huge social problems. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got to face up to it. We should not be in political union with Romania and Bulgaria.

Thank you.

Video source: EbS (European Parliament)


QUotation: Gilbert Chesterton on morals

If there is one thing worse that the modern weakening of major morals, it is the modern strengthening of minor morals. Thus it is considered more withering to accuse a man of bad taste than of bad ethics.

Gilbert Chesterton (1874-1936) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: DANIEL LAMBERT (1770)

Daniel Lambert (1770)

Lambert is famous for having been recognized, in his own time, as the fattest man in England. An active and athletic youth, he began his dramatic weight gain after taking over his father’s job as keeper of a prison in Leicester. Though he initially led a quiet life and was well liked by his prisoners, he eventually—and reluctantly—went on tour. By then, he weighed more than 700 pounds (318 kg), and spectators paid a shilling each to see him. What complication arose when he died at Stamford? More… Discuss


This Day in the Yesteryear: WILLIAM HERSCHEL DISCOVERS URANUS (1781)

William Herschel Discovers Uranus (1781)

For many years, astronomers mistakenly believed that the planet Uranus, which is sometimes visible to the naked eye, was a star. Herschel, a German-born English astronomer, originally believed that it was a comet. It soon proved to be, indeed, a verifiable planet—the first to be discovered in modern times with the aid of a telescope. The planet was only named Uranus—for the Greek personification of heaven—after the original name of Herschel’s choosing proved unpopular. What was it? More… Discuss



When Pigs Float

Shanghai residents got a nasty surprise on Thursday, when scores of dead pigs began appearing in the river that supplies much of their drinking water. Since then, more than 2,000 pig carcasses have been fished out of the Huangpu River by cleanup crews, prompting a public outcry. Officials say the water remains safe for consumption, but residents find that hard to believe. Investigators are still trying to figure out who dumped the pigs in the river and why. More… Discuss