Quotation: George Eliot on the bad habit of being – staying unhappy

One gets a bad habit of being unhappy.

George Eliot (1819-1880) Discuss

4 responses to “Quotation: George Eliot on the bad habit of being – staying unhappy

  1. Hi,
    Yes, being unhappy is a bad habit that we can break by seeking our happiness not in things, or money, or even in power, but in our ability to bring joy into another’s life. As we watch the joy in their faces, we forget about ourselves and what we were grumbling about.



  2. Today we’d say ” a bad habit of being Stuck!”


    • Yeaps! it sure is, sometimes a inappropriately paid job, can do that, or giving up waking up with the alarm clock, closer to midnight than to sunrize, as the dials of the clock are turned manually so tow is now one o’clock…And all those annoyances, little one that completely vanish, when we really are being annoyed, but some really life threatening news.
      And then there is the other kind, the kind that people talk about very rarely, because they have been few and in between: “he lived by his rule, and he lived a long life…Nothing bothered him!
      Yes the little way in which we get tight up in bad habits and what we do about that fact, once we come to realise the situation matters fundamentally…In other words: It took me twenty years to quit smoking…but my friend never did.How does one find how much power to adjust is in oneself? how powerful we have become, just by finding that fact out? we have to dare to do things differently, every moment, not to fall into routine, not to step on the same partially exposed stone, in the river, twice. Avoiding monotony is the way we can remind ourselves that we ARE, EXIST, BEING. WHat a marvelous concept…I’ll try it today.
      Thanks Valerie very much indeed for the inspiring thought, you helped my think through just now!


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