The start of the “endgame”.  Now will citizens wake up?  Will it be too late anyway?  How come there is money for warmongering?  You voted him in! How could you be so inept? Plenty of questions, few answers. At least it has been accomplished without blood in the streets, as happens overseas. Maybe that is still to come, which would be the reason for, (or  because of),  arming civil authorities, perhaps!

Cannot remember who said “the people get the government they deserve”, but it seems to be apt.  The most powerful nation in the modern world – reduced to a spent civilization. All because of greed  for money and power, and resources of course, but not for the people’s use.

The end of taxpayer funds. From now on just more printed paper or computer records, until the US dollar is hyper-inflated until worthless.  I sincerely hope I am wrong.

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