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JAMES LAST cu GEORGHE ZAMFIR ciobanasul singuratic si Ciocarlia Live in London 1978

JAMES LAST cu GEORGHE ZAMFIR ciobanasul singuratic si Ciocarlia  (Live in London 1978)


Fabulous Compositions: Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 by George Enescu

The author of this beautiful video has chosen a ever so truthful account of  the country and the people of Romania, now and throughout the ages old history, for which am very thankful:

“Pentru mine, Enescu va rămâne una din veritabilele minuni ale lumii.
(…) Rădăcinile puternice şi nobleţea sufletului său sunt provenite din
propria lui ţară, o ţară de inegalată frumuseţe.” Yehudi Menuhin

Just a thought:  “Yehudi Menuhin’s quotation refers to the best known, and loved Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu:  Nevertheless, I believe that George Enescu achieved in his Romanian Rhapsodies a portrayal of the people of Romania that no one else ever was able to describe with so much humanity, in the language of music what Eminescu did by employing the romantic poetry of the  Romanian language.” George-B 


La Vida Breve, Manuel de Falla

Show: Entre Familia y Flamenco 
Academia de Baile Español de Juanita Franco. San Diego, CA
Sat April 10th. 2010


Robert Schumann: Concertpiece for 4 Horns in F Op 86

R.Schumann Concert Piece for 4 French Horns and Orchestra Op.86

1. Lebhaft
2. Romanze. Ziemlicj langsam, doch nicht schleppend (att.)
3. Sehr lebhaft

Zdenek Tylsar French Horn
Bedrich Tylsar French Horn
Stanislav Suchanek French Horn
Emanuel Hrdina French Horn

Dvořák Chamber Orchestra
František Vajnar Conductor

Rec.: 1976 in Prague


Mozart – Overture The Abduction from the Seraglio (K.384) – Wiener Symphoniker – Fabio Luisi

Mozart – The Abduction From The Seraglio Overture
Die Entführung aus dem Serail
Wiener Symphoniker Japan Tour 2006
Conductor : Fabio Luisi


Quotation: Booker T. Washington – about nations and slavery

I pity from the bottom of my heart any nation or body of people that is so unfortunate as to get entangled in the net of slavery.

Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) Discuss


Today’s Birthday: JOHANN ECK (1486)

Johann Eck (1486)

Eck, a German Catholic theologian, was initially friendly with Martin Luther but did not hesitate to condemn Luther’s 95 Theses—which criticized papal policy—as heretical. Known for his dialectic skill, he publicly confronted Luther in 1519, and then went to Rome and returned with a papal bull condemning Luther. From then on, he was a leader in the struggle against the reforming party in Germany. How did the students of Leipzig, the site of Eck’s confrontation with Luther, react to the bull? More… Discuss


This Day In the Yesteryear: DAREDEVIL SAM PATCH’S FINAL, FATAL STUNT (1829)



Daredevil Sam Patch’s Final, Fatal Stunt (1829)

Patch, a one-time mill worker, made a name for himself as a stunt diver in the late 1920s, most famously by leaping from a 125-ft (38-m) ladder into the Niagara River near the base of Niagara Falls not once but twice. Less than a month later, he made another 125-ft jump, ironically billed as “Sam’s Last Jump,” this time into the Genesee River. With thousands watching, the daredevil leapt to his death. In his first Genesee stunt the week before, what did Patch send over the ledge before jumping? More… Discuss




Definition: (adjective) Stale and unclean smelling.
Synonyms: fustymusty
Usage: As a college student, all I could afford was a frowsty basement apartment, but it served its purpose. Discuss.


Divine Compositions: Franz Schubert – Quintet for piano, violin, viola, cello & double-bass, in A major, D 667 “The Trout

Amati Chamber Ensemble. Gil Sharon, violin. Ron Ephrat, viola. Alexander Hülshoff, cello. Jean Sassen, double-bass. Dalia Ouziel, piano.
Franz Schubert – Quintet for piano, violin, viola, cello & double-bass, in A major, D 667 “The Trout
I. Allegro vivace
II. Andante 
III. Scherzo, presto
IV. Tema con variazioni (Die Forelle)
V. Allegro giusto


LEONARD COHEN : Story of Isaac (“A scheme is not a vision And you never have been tempted By a demon or a god.”)

LEONARD COHEN : Story of Isaac

Songwriters: COHEN, LEONARD
The door it opened slowly, 
My father he came in, 
I was nine years old. 
And he stood so tall above me, 
His blue eyes they were shining 
And his voice was very cold. 
He said, “I’ve had a vision 
And you know I’m strong and holy, 
I must do what I’ve been told.” 
So he started up the mountain, 
I was running, he was walking, 
And his axe was made of gold. 

Well, the trees they got much smaller, 
The lake a lady’s mirror, 
We stopped to drink some wine. 
Then he threw the bottle over. 
Broke a minute later 
And he put his hand on mine. 
Thought I saw an eagle 
But it might have been a vulture, 
I never could decide. 
Then my father built an altar, 
He looked once behind his shoulder, 
He knew I would not hide. 

You who build these altars now 
To sacrifice these children, 
You must not do it anymore. 
A scheme is not a vision 
And you never have been tempted 
By a demon or a god. 
You who stand above them now, 
Your hatchets blunt and bloody, 
You were not there before, 
When I lay upon a mountain 
And my father’s hand was trembling 
With the beauty of the world. 

And if you call me brother now, 
Forgive me if I inquire, 
“Just according to whose plan?” 
When it all comes down to dust 
I will kill you if I must, 
I will help you if I can. 
When it all comes down to dust 
I will help you if I must, 
I will kill you if I can. 
And mercy on our uniform, 
Man of peace or man of war
The peacock spreads his fan.


“What’s Up?” : Sarah Jarosz, “1,000 Things”

Published on Oct 24, 2013

Sarah Jarosz and her band perform “1,000 Things” at the American Songwriter office.
Lyrics dugout @ http://sarahjarosz.com/lyrics/

1000THINGS Sarah Janosz

1000THINGS Sarah Janosz

Rock & Roll – Velvet Underground

Rock & Roll Velvet Underground


This story originally appeared in American Songwriter magazine in 2009. 


On the Memory Trail: Lou Reed Remembered)

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Leonard Cohen Live: Suzanne (Rare Footage)


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Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river.
You can hear the boats go by,
You can spend the night beside her.
And you know she’s half crazy,
But that’s why you want to be there.
And she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China.
And just when you mean to tell her that you have no love to give her,
Then she gets you on her wavelength
And she lets the river answer
That you’ve always been her lover.

And you want to travel with her,
And you want to travel blind,
And you know she will trust you,
For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind.

and Jesus was a sailor, when he walked opon the water
And he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower.
And when he knew for certain, only drowning men could see him,
He said: “All men will be sailors then, until the sea shall free them.”
But he himself was broken
Long before the sky would open,
Foresaken, almost human,
He sank beneath your wisdom, like a stone

And you want to travel with him
And you want to travel blind
And you think maybe you’ll trust him
For he’s touched your perfect body with his mind.

Now Suzanne takes your hand and she leads you to the river.
She’s wearing rags and feathers from Salvation Army counters.
And the sun pours down like honey on our Lady of the Harbor.
And she shows you where to look, among the garbage and the flowers.
There are heros in the seaweed,
There are children in the morning,
They are leaning out for love,
They will lean that way forever,
While Suzanne holds the mirror.

And you want to travel with her,
And you want to travel blind,
And you know you can trust her
For she’s touched your perfect body with her mind.

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Further information: 

behind-the-song-Susanne - Leonard Cohen

behind-the-song-Susanne – Leonard Cohen (click to access story)

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New at EuZicAsa: American Songwriters (est. 1984)—- WIDGET (check it out: It’s a scream)

American Songwriter Widget

American Songwriter Widget



Quotation: Francis Bacon on being born and dying

It is as natural to die, as to be born; and to a little infant, perhaps, the one is as painful, as the other.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: JEANNE MANCE (1606)

Jeanne Mance (1606)

Mance was a member of a French association that planned a utopian colony at Montreal. With the support of the French queen, Anne of Austria, she sailed with the first settlers in 1641. Mance, who had cared for victims of the Thirty Years War and the plague while in France, opened Montreal’s first hospital, the Hôtel-Dieu, in 1644. In 1650, she visited France and returned with a large donation meant to fund the hospital. Rather than use it for its intended purpose, Mance did what with the money? More… Discuss



The Royal Air Force Sinks German Battleship Tirpitz (1944)

The German Tirpitz, sister ship of the similarly ill-fatedBismarck, was the largest battleship ever built in Europe. Though she was sent to waters around German-occupied Norway and never really saw action in World War II, her mere presence threatened Allied convoys and tied up their naval resources. The Allies therefore launched numerous attacks on the Tirpitz in an effort to destroy her. After the Allies succeeded, her armor plates were supposedly repurposed for what use?More… Discuss



Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot Wins Hands Down

Whether you call it rock-paper-scissors, roshambo, ick-ack-ock, or any other name, one thing is certain: you will never win against Janken. For humans, the game is all about predicting what one’s opponent is going to do, but Janken does not just predict, it knows. Developed by Japanese scientists, Janken is a high-speed, intelligent robot that is able to analyze in just one millisecond what shape—rock, paper, or scissor—a human hand is making and then immediately choose a winning countermove, which it performs so quickly that it finishes at the same time as its human opponent. More… Discuss




Definition: (verb) Talk socially without exchanging too much information.
Synonyms: chew the fatchitchatclaverconfabchatjawshoot the breezeconfabulategossipchafferchattervisit
Usage: My teenage daughter can natter on the phone for hours.Discuss.